BIGMOUTH Records is an independent record label based in Teesside, United Kingdom.

Our mission is to provide a platform for creative musicians & artists and use our industry knowledge and expertise to help them reach a wider audience. Submit your demos to to be considered for our roaster of growing artists.

Here at BIGMOUTH Records our artists retain ownership of the music they write... the way it should be! That's right BIGMOUTH Records will not lure songwriters and bands into lengthy contracts, whereby the artist sees little to no profit. In some situations the artists are left footing recording studio and promotion costs if the first record doesn't sell fast enough!. BIGMOUTH are here to support artists release music and give them back the control!.

Our music is available via downloads and mail order from the BIGMOUTH Records Shop.

We also write in our blog from time to time and interview upcoming artists or review their latest release. Check our the BIGMOUTH Music Blog to find out more.